We’re still not certain. After running some preliminary standards on an iPhone 3GS and an iPod touch (3rd generation), we found mixed results with iOS 4, which made some tests run somewhat quicker and others marginally slower. Part of the ambiguity may be because the two native benchmarking apps we use, Benchmark and BenchTest, haven’t yet been upgraded for iOS 4. So they aren’t using the latest features. Along with those two native apps, we also attempted two tests of Web browser processing power and checked how long it took to establish a sophisticated game.

Overall, iOS 4 did appear to have a positive effect on program launch times – the game “Need for Speed Undercover” launched noticeably quicker on both apparatus with iOS 4 than iOS 3. But we got results that were quite spotty from browser tests and the benchmarks.


So we wouldn’t look for radically greater speed from iOS 4 programs. For a full list of iOS 4′s features, have a look at the iOS 4 release notes which we’ve copied.

After this week when we get the new iPhone 4 we’ll redo these standards.

Here are the highlights of details and our benchmarking results of the tests we used.

BenchTest 1.4 ($0.99 in the iTunes store) analyzes memory allocation, floating point and integer computation, 2D drawing operation using CoreGraphics, file system writes and some JavaScript functions.

Benchmark 1.0 ($0.99 in the iTunes store) only quantifies the time to create 100,000 objects in memory.

“NFSU Launching” is the time for the device to establish “Need for Speed Undercover 1.2.0″ ($4.99 in the iTunes store) to playable mode.

SunSpider and V8 (version 5) are complex JavaScript benchmarks that test JavaScript runtime performance. Not all of the devices could run the entire V8 suite, so we picked two of their evaluations, “Richards” and “EarlyBoyer” as representative.

McAfee has released the Family Protection program for Apple iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. Designed to help parents shield their kids from inappropriate internet content, it replaces the built-in Safari Web browser with one that contains search and URL filtering to prevent use of unauthorized websites.


The browser that is increased also contains features such as tabbed browsing, as well as bookmarks, emergency zoom, and link sharing.

McAfee Family Protection automatically monitors online usage and generates reports of sites visited and duration of use, and also tracks the place of the device using cell tower triangulation while browsing the web. Parents can block individual websites if desired, and can also block all internet browsing access via an online portal site. The app is available now on the Apple App Store for $19.99.

The company has additionally released a new survey titled “The Secret Online Lives of Teens,” which reveals that almost half of all teenagers have shared personal information with strangers and nearly one-third have posted their actual location on social networking sites.


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